Collaborations with lawyers

During the course of a trial, the parties involved try to explain to the judge their point of view regarding the case being dealt with, in order to obtain a favorable judgment and, therefore, favorable to their interests.

The testimony of a computer judicial expert can be relevant when assisting a judge in all the technical aspects of Computer Engineering, but the work of the judicial expert is not only reduced to this, as it is of vital importance to make the lawyer understand these technical aspects.

Lawsuits related to advanced scientific areas such as Computer Engineering, require taking into account a multitude of considerations, beyond those of the law. Therefore, to win a trial, lawyers must know and master the key aspects of the scientific area and establish correct and solid defense criteria.

The computer judicial expert can be really useful in that he can provide added value that implies a substantial advantage over the opposing party. Expert and lawyer must form a solid team in order to complement the legal direction with the technical part.

Our intention is that lawyers and computer experts from our firm provide a comprehensive service to their customers to increase the probability of success in their litigation, for which we offer our collaboration, among others, in the following aspects:

  • Technical advice to the lawyers of your firm in litigation with the presence of digital evidence to establish their procedural strategy.
  • Treatment, together with the lawyers of your office, of the needs of your client in the litigation.
  • Preparation of the oral hearing and interrogation of the opposing party’s experts.
  • Training sessions on technical aspects of computer engineering.

From FORENSICTECH we offer our collaboration with law firms in order to provide joint, highly specialized and personalized legal and technical assistance.

Unlike many others, FORENSICTECH only has collegiated computer experts and legally authorized to act before the Spanish courts of justice. In the collaborative relationship between lawyers and computer experts, we provide the security of having a computer experts of recognized solvency and professional trajectory. In addition, all our reports have the collegiate visa, which adds credibility before the courts of justice compared to other expert opinions that lack it. We act before the courts of justice throughout Spain, providing computer expertise services in procedures in all jurisdictional areas.

If you want lawyers and computer experts from our offices to collaborate, ask for information. Your personal data will be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Legal notice and Privacy policy of FORENSICTECH and current legislation on the processing of personal data. All the information you send us will be protected under the strictest professional secrecy.


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