Training and learning must always be one of the cornerstones on which the growth of a society rests. For an entrepreneur or professional, retraining is an area that always has to occupy a predominant place on the agenda. Having solid knowledge and being up-to-date in the application of new techniques will enhance the proper development of the activity of a computer judicial expert.

From FORENSICTECH we want to share our knowledge in computer judicial expertise and computer forensics with those people who are interested in practicing this profession or simply want to learn about this subject.

Our philosophy will be aimed at offering not very extensive training courses at an affordable price, so that the interested party can acquire one or more courses that include the knowledge that he really needs.

We will start offering these courses shortly. Subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed.

Remember that if your intention is to practice as a computer judicial expert you must comply with a series of legal requirements. Consult our section of Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


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